Frequently Asked Questions

***Please note this FAQ section refers specifically to our creative time-out events, i.e. a weekend-long residential writing retreat. For more information on our Refreshers Week one-day event on September 29 2024, please refer to the homepage or your booking confirmation email.***

I haven’t even started the book I want to write. Can/should I attend?

YES! We’ve designed this weekend to benefit all writers, from those with just a dream to those with a backlist.

Where can I find out more about the Inspiration Shots?

All attendees will receive full details of our Inspiration Shots on arrival at Seafield, but this is a taster of what you can expect:

  • Finish that first draft
  • Pitches, plotting and pantsing
  • Submissions, agents and advances
  • Social media, here you come! (Don’t be scared!)
  • Promoting yourself and your book
  • Self-publishing e-books - and how to sell them

Are these the kind of sessions where I can sit back and listen, or the ones where I have to - ugh - do stuff, like writing exercises?

The first kind. We may suggest you use some of your writing time over the weekend to put some of our tips and tools into practice, but we won’t force you to write anything you don’t want to, and there’ll be no reading aloud/group critiquing of any work ‘in class’. Pinky swear.

Where can I see a full schedule of the weekend’s events?

All attendees will receive a full schedule for the weekend on arrival at Seafield.

Check-in will take place on Friday afternoon between noon and 1.30pm. Our first event will be at 2pm that day. The weekend thereafter will consist of ‘Inspiration Shot’ coaching sessions, allocated writing time, one-on-one mentoring and social events on both evenings - because we believe that finding your tribe is just as important as getting to ‘THE END’.

The Inspiration Project will end shortly after 1pm on Sunday.

Can I attend the Inspiration Shots but not book any accommodation? Or just book one night’s accommodation/arrive on Saturday morning?

The purpose of our creative time-outs is that you get to do just that: take time out of your everyday life to focus exclusively on your writing and your ambitions for it, in an environment where everyone else is doing the same thing. Staying on site for the duration of the event is a big part of this.

I want to bring along a friend who won’t participate in The Inspiration Project. Can we share a room? 

All accommodation is single occupancy because we intend your hotel room at Seafield to also serve as the quiet, private space you can retreat to during the scheduled writing time.

The Inspiration Project is an immersive event. It’s designed to be a creative time-out - 48 hours where you can check out of your normal, daily life and check in with your writing. It is an opportunity to focus on your writing dreams and also a space in which they can grow. There are exclusive social events both evenings and we’d encourage participants to use any ‘free’ time for writing, planning, dreaming, etc.

We promise to return an inspired and happy you to your family, friends, cats, dogs, etc. We are very grateful to them for lending you to us for 48 hours - we promise it’ll be worth it!

What are the catering options?

Included in your package is one evening meal (on Saturday) and breakfast both mornings. There are a number of dining options in the hotel and we have allowed ample time for a lunch break if you wish to leave the property and dine locally.

Please make us aware of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

What do I need to bring?

Whatever you need to write, be it a laptop, notebook and pen or scroll and quill. The dress code is casual.

If you plan on using the spa facilities at Seafield, bring a swimsuit with you. Flip-flops must be worn in the pool area and cost €2.50 to buy at the hotel, so bring your own if you have them!

Note there is also plenty of space for walking/jogging, including a trail through an enchanted forest (!) and along a beautiful sandy beach, so you might want to bring suitable walking/running attire with you too.

Is there disabled access? 

Seafield offers accessible rooms and amenities. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need to avail of these.

Is this a woman-only event?

Not at all! The Inspiration Project may be run by women, but it’s for everyone - and all accommodation is single occupancy, so all are welcome.

Is this aimed at Irish writers?

While all three of us are based in Ireland, we all have agents and publishers who are in the UK and US. Everyone is welcome!

Can I give a place on The Inspiration Project as a gift?

You certainly can! Please see our Give As A Gift page for more information.

Can I pick which cheerleader I have my one-on-one with?

When you book your place, we will ask you questions about where you are with your writing, what genre you write in and what you hope to get out of your weekend. Based on your answers, we will then pair you with the cheerleader who we think is best placed to help you.

Will my cheerleader be able to read some of my work in advance of our one-on-one so that she can provide editorial feedback? 

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this isn’t possible. However there will be opportunities over the weekend to get feedback on aspects of your work-in-progress, if you have one, e.g. your elevator pitch. We also look forward to hearing about your story ideas during our one-on-one.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Payment is due in full upon booking. In keeping with the cancellation policies of our suppliers, we have to charge the following cancellation penalties:

  • Any time up to 30 days before: €25 administration charge
  • 14 days before: 50% of total paid
  • 7 days before: 100% of total paid

Do you offer group discounts?

If you are planning on attending The Inspiration Project with a few of your writing friends, hooray! Please contact us for information on our group booking discount for groups of three or more.

Will the cheerleaders have copies of their own books for sale at the venue during the creative time-out?

No. While you’re at The Inspiration Project, Carmel, Hazel and Catherine want you to focus on YOUR book!

Catherine made the website, didn’t she? 

Why yes, she did. What gave it away…? [looks at all the pink, makes an innocent face]

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Please contact us at [email protected]

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