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Here at The Inspiration Project we love the back-to-school, fresh-start, new-notebook vibe of September and we designed our ‘Refreshers Week’ event to capture that feeling and apply it to our writing. But September isn’t the only month that offers a fresh start. Roll on January!

Join us at the Imperial Hotel in Cork City on Saturday 26th January 2019 and get all the advice, information and inspiration you need to get your writing back on track and your writing dreams back in focus at the start of a new writing year.

You will be guided through three intensive Inspiration Tutorials:


The word ‘synopsis’ sends a chill down every writer’s spine. But don’t fear, the beat sheet is here! In this session, Catherine will demonstrate the questions you need to ask of your shiny new idea to make sure it’s “The One” and how to use story beats to plot your book and make your novel the best it can be. You’ll finish this session not only with a clearer idea of where your story is going to go, but with the start of your submission package done too.


A compelling plot will fail without believable characters who serve the needs of the story and Carmel’s tutorial will focus on character development. This session will help you create fully dimensional, memorable, complex individuals, who move the narrative forward and create an emotional connection to the story. You will also learn how to craft backstory, character flaws, strengths, habits and distinctive behaviours as well as strengthening your plot with authentic and believable dialogue. By the end of the session, you can wave goodbye to clichéd boring individuals and say hello to a cast of unique and engaging characters your readers can really root for.


You’ve finished your first draft – hooray – but this is just the beginning! Now the real writing and revision begins. In this editorial tutorial, Hazel will guide you through the ins and outs of the structural edit, the copy edit and the proof edit, giving you plenty of practical examples, skills and techniques to help you navigate the different stages of the editing process. After this session, you will be all set to whip your words into shape and make your writing really sing before submitting your manuscript to a professional editor, or to agents and publishers.

This one-day event is designed to be the first day in a week in which you kick-start, reboot or revitalise your writing and/or writing project. All attendees will receive a Refreshers Week Action Kit which will guide you through the five days after the event. Between our tutorials and our action plan, you will have everything you need to forge ahead with your writing goals – and bring that new term, new notebook, back-to-school feeling home to your desk.

This event will take place at the Imperial Hotel, South Mall, right in the heart of Cork City Centre. Visit the hotel’s website by clicking HERE.


Your ticket includes a full day of intensive tutorials, your Refreshers Week Action Kit and the advice and support of three internationally bestselling authors who have published 16 books between us (find out more about Hazel, Carmel and Catherine here), not to mention the opportunity to engage with other writers and share in the collective energy this always brings.


Feedback from our past events:

“The most enjoyable, inspiring weekend I’ve had in so long. I’m left feeling hopeful and full of hutzpah to get going!”

“The gift of inspiration is priceless … That is what I received and continue to hold onto since coming home.”

“I loved the weekend. It was fantastically put together … an absolutely amazing experience.”

“I especially loved the positivity of the cheerleaders.”

“I am still on a high, the weekend really was absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


The Inspiration Project presents: Refreshers Week. The Imperial Hotel CORK, Saturday 26th January 2019

Your ticket includes three intensive workshops and a Refreshers Week Action Kit to guide you through the next five days after the event. To purchase more than one ticket, change the quantity required in the box below. Payment options include PayPal AND credit and debit cards. Please note that all ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. TO GIVE AS A GIFT: Use your own details here and then email us at inspirationprojectd3@gmail.com with the details of the recipient.


If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at inspirationprojectd3@gmail.com