The Inspiration Diaries 2020

Last year we launched The Inspiration Diaries, a blog where six writers - three published, three on their way  - shared updates from their writing life every month for a year.

After running several Inspiration Project events now, we’re continually impressed by the level of talent, hard work and determination we see in our attendees and we’ve been thrilled to see them progress so much in their writing. We wanted to capture that on this blog and our three writers - Casey King, Tric Kearney and Clare Daly - generously allowed us to share in their trials and triumphs as the year progressed. (Thank you so much, ladies. Look out for them on a bookshelf near you soon!) We also wanted to give you an insight in our writing lives - which, unfortunately, often feature very little writing! It turned out to be an incredibly exciting year for Catherine, Carmel and Hazel, with award nominations, new book deals and even a street sign in New York.  You can catch up on here. 

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 12.25.10

This year, we’ve decided to do things a little differently. We will soon be introducing you to three new Inspiration Project graduates who will be checking in here each month to update us on the trials, tribulations and mild caffeine overdoses of their writing lives. But instead of doing the same, Catherine, Carmel and Hazel will be taking it in turns to share some of their hard-earned advice in our new series, 5 Steps To… (You can still keep up with our shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram, where we’re cathryanhoward, HappyMrsH and HazelGaynor.) We also have some exciting things planned for the Inspiration Project in 2020 - sign up to our newsletter, The Inspiration List, to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

We hope that our collective writing experiences inspire and motivate you, and that our new series helps you get your stories onto the page.

Here’s to a creative, exciting and productive 2020. Let’s go!

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