The Inspiration Diaries

Welcome to The Inspiration Diaries, a monthly blog from six writers - three published, and three on the way to being published. After running three Inspiration Project events we’ve been continually impressed by the level of talent, hard work and determination. We’ve also been thrilled to see attendees make great progress with their writing and we wanted to capture that journey through this new blog.

Throughout 2019, Hazel, Catherine and Carmel (the Inspiration Project founders) will share monthly updates about their own writing year. Three former Inspiration Project attendees - Casey King, Clare Daly and Tric Kearney - will do the same. Six writers. Twelve months. What could possibly go wrong?!

We hope you enjoy following our progress - the ups and the downs - and that our collective writing experiences inspire and motive you, and remind you that you’re not in this alone. If nothing else, we hope it makes you smile!



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